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The Andean Raid -Edition 2025- is an ultra-cycling event held in Cusco (Peru) in the heart of the Inca culture. The route goes from the high mountains of Cusco to the Amazon Jungle along a road of 660Km and 15.245m of unevenness, with its highest point at Abra Amparaes (4.568m).
The event takes place in a single stage, without assistance for most of the route and with a time limit of 110 hours. The land is made up of 60% road and 40% gravel.


1) All participants must read, understand and obey the following official rules.

2) Minimum age to enter the race is 18 years old.

3) It is mandatory to present a medical certificate, stating: Name, Surname, ID of the raider and a text including that the runner is medically and physically fit to participate in the Andean Raid. It must have the date, signature and stamp of the doctor who issued it. Only certificates dated within the last 12 months prior to the race date will be accepted.

4) The organization and sponsors reserve the right to use, reproduce, distribute and/or publish pictures, movies, videos and/or any other form of recording of the participants without having to provide any type of financial compensation. All runners should interpret registration to the event as their consent to these terms.

5) The organization may cancel and/or delay the competition due to public safety concerns, public acts, vandalism, weather conditions, pandemia and/or health reasons and/or force majeure. If for any reason unrelated to the organization the race could not be carried out, it will be postponed for a new date during the last trimester of 2024. In this case, all fully paid registration fees will be transferred at 100% to the new date, no refund will be made.

6) Abnormal weather conditions or other unexpected event may force the race directors to modify the course, modify start times or cut-off times at the different points of the race for safety reasons, in which case, participants will be notified and informed of the new course. In the event of last-minute changes, the modified course will be announced during the pre-race briefing before the race. The race markings could also be modified during the competition for safety reasons. All changes will be clearly marked.


7) The organizers, sponsors, volunteers and event personnel are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during or outside the race.

8) Each participant will be required to sign a "disclaimer", declaring that they take full responsibility for risk of injury to themselves or their equipment, like any lost or stolen items.

9) All participants are responsible for their own health and travel insurance. The organization will not be responsible for medical expenses in case of accident.


10) There shall be established a general classification of these categories: Men, Women, Dupla (Men, Women, Mixed).


11) To participate in the Andean Raid you must have the following mandatory elements, this is a list of the equipment we recommend:
• Cell phone with Movistar, Claro or Bitel Peru chip (The number will be informed to the organization).
• External battery, cable and charger.
• Headlamp and spare batteries.
• GPS navigation system on your bike to follow the course of the race.
• Helmet, sunglasses with UV protection.

• Down jacket, thermal interior.
• Jacket with resistance to rain, ideally with a hood to withstand bad weather in the mountains, gloves, warm hat.
• Cycling clothing with high visibility reflective tapes or a reflective vest (3M).
• Lights on the front and rear of the bicycle (the light only with "flashing" function is considered insufficient).
• Bicycle pump, repair kit (patch, glue and tire remover), inner tube.
• Survival blanket, first aid kit, 2 drums with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters.

• 300 Peruvian soles in cash and small bills, credit or debit card.
• Paper copy of passport or identification.

• Reflective tape (3M) on the front and rear of the bike.
• Mirror fixed on the helmet or on the handlebar of the bicycle.
• Sleeping bag or bivouac.
• Multifunction tool, chain oil, a pair of brake pads.
• Sunscreen, Vaseline, anti-friction cream.

• Hand warmer.


12) Competition numbers must be located on the bicycle fork (both sides). They must be clearly visible and no additional advertising may be added.


13) Checkpoints for rest, and accommodations will be provided during the tour (not included in the registration cost). These will be announced one month prior to the race and each one of them will be reported in the technical talk.


14) The Andean Raid is a self-sufficiency race, so we will only inform you of strategic points during the tour where you can stock up on food.


15) Any runner who cannot continue the race must only inform the organization by any means. Any participant who abandons, must notify it at the checkpoint or any vehicle of the organization. All dropouts have the right to take part of the race again, although they will not appear under any circumstances in the classifications. No participant who has abandoned will be able to opt for the general classification.


16) The timing will be manually in hours and minutes.


17) Competitors must be able to solve technical problems themselves. Competitors may receive assistance from the organization at each checkpoint in case they cannot continue with the race or during this, where you must wait for any vehicle of the organization that is circulating. The organization will only be able to take them to the closest lodging or control point so that you can continue with the race if you wish. If the runner wishes to return by his own means, he can do so by notifying the organization at any of the points with a telephone signal.


18) The competitors must at all times show correct behavior, no unsportsmanlike attitudes will be allowed.

19) It is strictly forbidden to throw waste in the circuit.

20) If it is discovered that a competitor took an alternative route, thereby obtaining a benefit of time, it will be disqualified from the competition.

21) If by mistake the competitor takes a wrong route, they must return to the route at the same point where they abandoned it.

22) The use of any bicycle that has mechanical or electrical elements that help the cyclist will not be allowed.

23) Squad formation or pushing or pulling a rider will not be allowed (it will only be valid for couples).

24) Race meetings will be mandatories and it will be necessary to sign assistance (penalty for non-attendance, 1 hour).


25) All participants who finish the course, reaching the goal in accordance with regulations, will receive the “Finisher” Andean Raid Medal as a prize.

26) The first three of the general classification in Men, Women and Duplas (Men, Women, Mixed) will receive their trophy in the awards ceremony after the race.


27) Payments for the race must be made, by bank transfer (Peru), Western Union transfer (other countries) or PayPal (+10% Tax)

28) For cancellations before December 31th 2023, 50% will be retained for administrative costs. For subsequent cancellations there will be no refunds.

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